Back from the Dead

Mr. Rowland? It's been such a long time!

Hello there,
so you found this place. Welcome.

As you may know, activity has been very low in the last few years. And if that wasn't enough, the absence of the community site,, made matchmaking between XIII players even more challenging.

So what now?

Fear not! There is light on the other side. So what I'm going to tell: InsideXIII is coming back. And with it a huge load of content.

Expect maps, tutorials, mods, new game modes...

This includes especially the continuation of the XIII Tools expansion from 2012 - which is called XIII+ from now on.

Servers, where oh where are you

The biggest hit for XIII multiplayer undoubtfully was the shutdown of both the Ubisoft and InsideXIII master server and therewith the inaccessibility to join game sessions quickly and without hassle.

To fix this, the master server is now back online! See the Servers page for more details and for instructions on how to host your own server!

Besides, Opaquit (known as the creator of XIII Patch 1.4) decided to keep a permanent dedicated XIII server for all the fellas playing nowadays. As for my part, I am working out an infrastructure to easily manage multiple dedicated servers as I plan to run several ones simultaneously.


To get players easier together, I also want to offer a simple to use instant chat and voice speak. For that purpose, I've decided to set up the Official InsideXIII Discord server. Discord is a great instrument for fast matchmaking and creating communities. My idea is to have everyone in this group for all the things involving XIII stuff (i.e. playing, mapping, technical support, whatsoever).

Check out the new Official InsideXIII Discord!

Windows 10 compatibility

One thing you often see these days is the widespreaded myth of XIII not running on todays systems like Windows 7 or Windows 10. The consequence is seeing Let's Players presenting XIII only on outdated consoles (XBox, PS2, GameCube) with crappy 4:3 graphics mode because of people telling it was impossible to run the game on modern machines.

Nothing else could be more wrong.

In fact, there are no issues on Windows 10 at all and after some tweaked settings it does even look like a game of these days, thanks to its timeless look.

Many of those rumors go back on the infamous installation bug. If you are reading this, you probably know about the workaround to trick the broken copy protection by copying the CDs to the harddrive beforehand. But there is an even easier solution.

I've made a new installer supporting the later Windows generations.
You will be able to install XIII as straightforward as before including the latest updates and enhancements for modern gaming like HD widescreen settings and better mouse response.

Until it is released however, I recommend to follow this instruction video on installing XIII + Patch 1.4 and make any additional tweaks like widescreen resolution manually as described on PCGamingWiki.

More info on next time. Stay tuned.

That's it for now. See you later for more XIII stuff coming up.

Happy XIII gaming!

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